Friday, February 10, 2012

Social Media is One-dimensional

Social media can be counterproductive sometimes. We can connect several times a day with those living far away, share pictures of our life with those we barely ever see, and network for our business or a project. On the other hand, we can give too much information, get too much information, and sometimes some real damage can occur. I think the main reason for this is social media is one-dimensional.

I use the term "one-dimensional" because social media only offers what the poster wants it to and it only gives the reader a simple bit into a complex life. Every single reader will perceive the post differently because we don't all view the world the same. Another problem is, our posts will be told to those who are not connected to us on social media sites and the person passing on our information will be passing it on with their filter. 

We might say something that is offbeat but hilarious, the problem is out of our 100 friends we only have 10 that know us well enough to think it's funny. We've just alienated or freaked out the other 90. And some of those freaked out persons are going to go tell others, then those people are going to freak out too! This happens with all sorts of emotions and information we put out there.

I learned my lesson this summer. I had posted something about "literally screaming at the kids all day." Did I literally scream at them all day? No, but it was a very tense afternoon and I think every mother can attest to those kinds of days. Well, someone saw that and notified my mother-in-law. That's all the information she needed to conclude her grandchildren were in a miserable home with a cursing, shrieking mother. Still, I didn't quite learn and a few months later attempted to hint to certain people that they needed to stop assuming my husband (who is a quiet, peaceable man) wasn't the head of our household. Well, the words I used told those people I was attacking my husband on Facebook. So, they tried to come to his rescue unintentionally validating what I had been trying to say in my post. 

So, I learned - BIG TIME. My mother-in-law isn't there for mine and my children's tender, fun, and creative moments. The only image she has is the negative one, and that's my fault. And, the people I was hinting to didn't learn a thing from it and still carry the same assumption. It didn't help me, it didn't help my family, and it didn't glorify God. I have decided, if it can't help or glorify God it doesn't belong. Please learn from my mistakes!

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 
1 Corinthians 10:31

(Is the above easy? No, but you can take a baby step and try it with social media)

God Bless You,

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