Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Evolution of a Heart

I haven't been able to do much writing in the last 3 weeks due to the diagnosis and watching my cousin's baby. I do have a hard copy and have edited that on and off. On Monday I'll be hitting it with full force.

I've decided this book is turning out to be a legacy. It's something I'm proud to have as a legacy. If I were to die this afternoon my husband and children would have the heart of me in their hands to refer to whenever they pleased. When my children are older and look back on their childhood and think on the unreasonable things that occurred when they were small maybe reading my book will help explain it. It may not negate it, but it could give some clarity. That's something we would all use when recalling our childhood, even if it was a good one. And maybe, the children can look at the mistakes riddled throughout the book and stay clear of making the same ones. Although my husband understands me a great deal it may still explain, not negate, some of my actions during our marriage.

If I had really grasped my mother's past long before now I think it would have given me clarity and in that clarity freedom. But, she didn't write a book or pass off her wisdom, or even speak much about herself so I was delayed a bit until she offered up a little more through the years. So, despite The Evolution of a Heart being raw and at times embarrassingly honest maybe it will be just what one or all of my children need to explain and conquer something someday.

On a different note: I am researching if self-publishing or seeking an agent. It is an exhausting thing to think about. I am thinking of seeking an agent for about 3 months and then if I don't get anywhere self-publish through amazon. There are pros and cons to it all and it is overwhelming. For the synopsis of the book click here.

God Bless You today!

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