Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Welcome to my blog. Blogging is a new experience for me. There are many things I wish to explore, mainly the human condition. The human condition within the Christian community is important to me because I know we sometimes are afraid of revealing ourselves or having someone reveal themselves to us. But I believe through understanding the less afraid we are the more of the solution we're likely to be.

I have been recently diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder and will chronicle my journey from the initial diagnosis through the trial and error of finding the right treatment. I want to explore the stigma attached to mental illness, especially in the Christian community.

I am also writing an autobiography/bible study titled "The Evolution of a Heart" I hope to complete it May. Every Tuesday I'll update my status and thoughts on the  novel.

I love reading, especially Dystopian Genre and hope to give book reviews as well.

I think it'll be a busy place with many ideas and exploring. I hope you'll join me. Please be patient as I figure out this blogging stuff and all the aesthetics that go along with it. Perhaps soon it will be sophisticated like some of the other impressive blogs on the web.

God Bless You,


  1. Congrats on the new blog! I'm so proud for you, I think this will be an amazing outlet for you. I've read all of your posts, enjoyed each one. All I have to say is... Goldfish! Ha! :)

    1. Thanks Natalie. Your support encourages me!

  2. I read all of your posts and they are great!

    1. Thanks Crystal. Pass the link on please! God Bless you.